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Tires and Wheels for Country Living: Jesse's Blog of TIps

Hi, my name is Jesse. I recently moved to the country, and with the extra space on my new property, I have bought a lot of new "toys". Now, I have everything, from a ute, to recreational vehicles, to all-terrain vehicles, to a small jeep. Each of them, I have learned, need different qualities from their tires and wheels. I love thinking about tires and wheels, repairing them, buying them and maintaining them, but I also know the issue isn't always as simple as it seems. If you have questions or just want to learn something new about tires, I invite you to explore my blog. Thanks for reading.

Tires and Wheels for Country Living: Jesse's Blog of TIps

How To Keep Your Tyres Black And Shiny

Herbert Morrison

Tyres undergo a phenomenal amount of pressure. But that doesn't stop them from getting dull, dirty and downright disgusting. Your tyres can literally make or break your car's look. If you want to "dress to impress" and leave them looking black and shiny, these tips will help.

Check Your Tyres

Before you start cleaning your tyres and buffing them to a shine, make sure they're in good working order. According to Michelin, tyres over 5 years old should be checked on a yearly basis. In addition, the law states that the tread depth should be at least 1.5mm. If your tyres don't meet these requirements or are getting a little too close, replacing them may be a more viable option than a cosmetic tune-up.

Using Shoe Shiner

Step One: Scrub your tyres with ordinary car detergent and a sponge to get off the main bulk of dust and debris. Rinse off any excess soap with water, and then wipe the tyres dry with a fresh towel. Wait for a few hours to ensure those hard-to-reach areas (such as the tread) are also dry.

Step Two: With a clean towel or rag, apply a thin layer of premium-grade black shoe polish to the tyres. Leave it to dry, and then buff with a feather-bristled brush – just imagine you're shining shoes.

Step Three: With another clean towel or rag, apply a clear shoe-shine. Again, leave it to dry, and then buff to remove any excess.

Using Tyre Cleaner

Step One: Use a feather-bristled brush dipped in water to scrub the surface and remove any excess dust or debris. Make sure you get into the deep crevices, especially in and around the brake pads – this is where corrosive elements tend to gather.

Step Two: Buy a commercial tyre cleaner of your choosing. There are multiple options available, including creams, sprays and gels. Follow the individual guidelines.

Step Three: Apply a thin layer of car wax to your tyres using an applicator pad. This will not only make your tyres shine, but will add another layer of UV protection.

Tyres will naturally deteriorate with age, even if they've been sitting in your garage for years. Heat, sunlight, ozone, general wear and tear, and other environmental factors can corrode the rubber and shorten their lifespan. Keeping them clean and shiny will not only make your car look great, but could provide an extra layer of protection against the elements.