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Tires and Wheels for Country Living: Jesse's Blog of TIps

Hi, my name is Jesse. I recently moved to the country, and with the extra space on my new property, I have bought a lot of new "toys". Now, I have everything, from a ute, to recreational vehicles, to all-terrain vehicles, to a small jeep. Each of them, I have learned, need different qualities from their tires and wheels. I love thinking about tires and wheels, repairing them, buying them and maintaining them, but I also know the issue isn't always as simple as it seems. If you have questions or just want to learn something new about tires, I invite you to explore my blog. Thanks for reading.

Tires and Wheels for Country Living: Jesse's Blog of TIps

What Are Performance Tyres and Who Needs Them for Their Vehicle?

Herbert Morrison

When shopping for new tyres for a car or truck, you may need to choose between performance tyres and passenger tyres. Passenger tyres may be most commonly used on everyday family vehicles, minivans, and light trucks; whereas, performance tires may be chosen for sports cars, heavy-duty trucks, and for those who drive in extreme weather conditions. Note a few facts about performance tires so you can know if you would need them on your vehicle and if they're worth the extra cost overall.

1. Enhanced traction

Performance tyres have enhanced traction meant for low speeds, meaning not for racing on a track. This enhanced traction may include deeper treads that cut through snow and ice, and which allow for better control on wet pavement. The tread pattern on performance tires may also be different than those on passenger tires; the pattern may include more crisscross designs and Z-shaped patterns, rather than treads that simply run around the tire. This too helps to increase the traction of the performance tires.

2. Stiffer sidewalls

Performance tyres usually have a lower profile and a larger diameter for the wheel sizes. In turn, this gives the tyres a stiffer sidewall. This allows for better handling and traction around curves and turns, as the tire will not allow the vehicle to pull away from the turn when the sidewall remains firm. The sidewalls of performance tires can also be enhanced with beads and added casing. This too can keep the vehicle under control during turns and especially at high speeds and on slick pavement.

3. Choosing performance tyres

Since performance tyres are often more expensive than passenger tyres, you may wonder who needs them and if they're worth the cost. One thing to remember is that, the heavier your vehicle, the more difficult it might be to control it on curves and turns. The weight of the vehicle will resist the turn and make a heavy-duty truck or passenger van more likely to skid and slide. Performance tyres can be the right choice for heavy vehicles for this reason. Also, if you drive in inclement weather or on soft soil, on sand, in the mud, and the like, performance tires might offer more traction to keep your vehicle under control. For those who regularly go off-roading, even in a light-duty passenger car or jeep, the performance tires might reduce your risk of getting stuck in soft soil and mud.