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Tires and Wheels for Country Living: Jesse's Blog of TIps

Hi, my name is Jesse. I recently moved to the country, and with the extra space on my new property, I have bought a lot of new "toys". Now, I have everything, from a ute, to recreational vehicles, to all-terrain vehicles, to a small jeep. Each of them, I have learned, need different qualities from their tires and wheels. I love thinking about tires and wheels, repairing them, buying them and maintaining them, but I also know the issue isn't always as simple as it seems. If you have questions or just want to learn something new about tires, I invite you to explore my blog. Thanks for reading.

Tires and Wheels for Country Living: Jesse's Blog of TIps

Transform Your Yard With These 3 Repurposed Industrial Furnishings

Herbert Morrison

The use of industrial home decor started off as a way for low-income workers to furnish their houses affordably. Since then, the stripped-back style has spiraled into a trend for design enthusiasts from all walks of life. Nowadays, fans of the loft-inspired style are taking the trend beyond the home, into the backyard. Ironically, many of these garden furnishings are now only found at upscale retailers. The good news they're simple to make at home yourself. All you'll need is some old or cheap industrial items, some imagination, and a little elbow grease. Take a look at these 3 repurposable industrial castoffs and see what you can make for your yard.

Oil Drums

Old oil drums are the perfect base for a DIY barbecue. Turn them on their side and use them as barbecue drums or smokers. You can find free oil drums at your local garage - just ask the owner if they have any they're looking to get rid of. The most important thing to do when repurposing oil drums is to ensure they're fully empty before using them. If any flammable liquid or fumes remain inside, they could ignite when they come into contact with power tools.

Wooden Pallets

If you don't have any leftover wooden pallets lying around, there are always people looking to get rid of some on local freecycling forums. The uses for old pallets are only limited by your imagination. Just about anything can be made with some wood and a little creativity. Pallets can be cut, stacked, nailed together and varnished to make outdoor chairs, tables, and more. If you're feeling particularly ambitious, create a pop-up patio by joining wooden pallets together side-by-side. A pallet turned on its side and affixed to a wall or fence creates a quick and easy rack to store rakes, brooms and shovels.

Car Tyres

Like pallets and oil drums, car tyres are an industrial item with multiple decorative uses beyond their intended function. You can buy tyres for less than the cost of industrial yard furniture, and they generally require little adaptation. Their most obvious and well known outdoor use is the tyre swing. This simple and fun project requires nothing more than a tyre, some strong rope, and a sturdy tree. If you don't have any little ones around, turn your tyres into planters. All you need to do is line them with an old sack to hold the soil, and you're good to go.