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Hi, my name is Jesse. I recently moved to the country, and with the extra space on my new property, I have bought a lot of new "toys". Now, I have everything, from a ute, to recreational vehicles, to all-terrain vehicles, to a small jeep. Each of them, I have learned, need different qualities from their tires and wheels. I love thinking about tires and wheels, repairing them, buying them and maintaining them, but I also know the issue isn't always as simple as it seems. If you have questions or just want to learn something new about tires, I invite you to explore my blog. Thanks for reading.

Tires and Wheels for Country Living: Jesse's Blog of TIps

How To Keep Your Car Serviced To Legal Standards

Herbert Morrison

Driving a car that has not been properly serviced is a hazard to everyone on the road. You put your safety and the safety of others at risk when you drive a car that has gone too long between services. There are certain legal standards that cars driven on Australian roads need to meet. These standards are governed by the department of transport in some states and independent bodies in some states such as Victoria. But, no matter where you live in Australia, there are certain standards your car has to meet. To keep your car safe enough to be on the roads, follow these following car service steps.

1. Check the manual, and stay regular.

Different makes and models require different frequencies of servicing. However, to be in on the safe side, the RACV recommends that you have your car serviced once every six months. This helps to keep your vehicle safe and road worthy. 

2. Keep your tires in check. 

A good mechanic will rotate your tires and check for signs of wear on the tread. A thorough car service will also include a check of the tire pressure. However, you need to keep a close eye on your tires between services and make sure to mention any problems to your mechanic. 

3. Keep your brakes working to a legal standard.

Car brakes need to work to a legal standard or you risk being arrested or losing your licence, not to mention being involved in an accident. During a car service, brakes should be checked, tightened and pumped, and the brake fluid level should be corrected. 

4. Make sure your lights are in working order.

Your car lights are one of those things that are immediately visible, and if you drive with broken tail lights, you risk being pulled over by the police, and being fined for driving an unsafe vehicle. A thorough car service should include a check of the lenses, and your mechanic should check that your headlights are aligned properly.

5. Ensure your steering is up to sped. 

After your brakes, your steering is probably the most critical part of your car, when it comes to safety. To ensure your car meets legal safety requirements, your steering and suspension needs to be regularly checked. Steering should not pull to one side or require constant correction. If you notice these things between car services, get your car seen to as soon as possible. 

Regular car services will catch most of the problems that make cars unsafe, unroadworthy, and not legal to drive. By keeping an eye on the problem areas described above, between services, you will keep your car safe and legal to be on the road.